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Take the First Step in the Healing Process

Practice Forgiveness as taught by the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

F ully remember or not . . .

Remember the details or if you prefer not to remember the details, remember your feelings

about the situation of event.

O penly honor the feeling . . .

Acknowledge your feelings. What are they? Label them (i.e. hurt, grief)

R eplay the event or situation from another perspective . . .

Go to that place where you are feeling (hurt, grief). Replay the situation in a powerful way.

G ive up the need to be right or stuck . . .

Give up any need to feel you were right in the situation or in a story where you were wronged.

Now, what does this look like? What does this feel like?

I nvite healing . . .

Call in your higher power(s) . . . God, Spirit, Angels, Guides, Energies, etc.

V isit the future . . . See a new possibility . . .

What does this new, positive possibility look like?

E volve to a higher level . . .

And so, it is!

Practice Forgiveness

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