Description of Services

Spiritual Coaching


You will have an opportunity to make life-long changes through active participation in strengthening your self-awareness, building relationships with others, overcoming obstacles and challenges, improving personal and professional performance, and enhancing quality of life through mind, body, and spirit connections.  Each session hones in on the uniqueness of you.  Various modalities will be utilized depending on your unique needs.


Typical Session:  45 minutes - 1 hour

Virtual coaching includes your choice of a phone call or video call session


Therapeutic Hypnosis


During hypnosis, you may find yourself in a light or deep state of relaxation.  It is during these states that you are more susceptible to accept major suggestions in which behavior modification occur.  These positive suggestions encourage the subconscious mind to make positive changes mentally and/or physically in old habits, beliefs, and thought patterns that may have previously occurred through experiences or traumatic events.  New positive, healthy images move you closer to being who you are meant to be and move you toward reaching your goals.  You are always in control of all suggestions.  The subconscious mind will not accept suggestions that goes against your will.  In other words, you will not say or do anything that you would not do normally.  Hypnosis is a natural, drug free modality to bring about a healthy state of mind.  There are no documented cases of harm being done to anyone through using hypnosis. 


Typical Session:  45 minutes - 1 hour

Virtual hypnosis includes your choice of a phone call or video call session


Toe Reading


As we go through life experiences, our past pain and suffering is recorded in our feet and toes.  Being able to read the toes is a way to find out a person’s story.  Physical, mental, and emotional information about how we cope with our feelings and emotions can be read in the soles of our feet and toes.  In other words, our sole tells our soul! 

The right foot is the story of our past, emotions, and external forces; how we step out into the world.  The left foot is how we connect with Spirit and what we tell ourselves on the inside or internally.  Toe reading is not designed to tell the future, it records our past.  However, toe reading can be life changing as we can learn from our past in order to make future healthier decisions, healing our bodies, and freeing our souls.  Once we understand our story and our unhealthy patterns, we can learn to make changes in future experiences.  Toe reading is a way to understand our own path.


Typical Session:  30 - 45 minutes

Virtual includes your choice of phone call, video call, or instant message to chat about the reading.

Chakra Balancing

Each chakra is influenced by specific issues we are facing in our lives and can become unbalanced by things; such as, stress, trauma and negative thinking which may lead to anxiety, depression and other unhealthy symptoms.  Chakra balancing assists in the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the client.


The chakras include: root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. 

Typical Session:  45 - 1 hour

Virtual includes your choice of phone call or video call



Soft Addictions, What Are They and Why Do I Care?


You may be familiar with hard addictions; such as, drug, alcohol, and chemical dependency, but are you aware of soft addictions that each of us have?  Soft addictions can be time and energy drainers; such as, habits, compulsive behaviors, moods that continually reoccur, and/or thought patterns that satisfy surface needs but hinder our deeper needs.  Discover your soft addictions, their purpose, and how to get your deeper needs met. 


Typical Session:  45 minutes – 1 hour

Virtual includes your choice of phone call or video call.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Do you continually tell yourself the same stories over and over again that no longer serve a purpose?  Daily stressors trigger the amygdala into action by sending alarm signals from the brain to our body to take action.  Psychological acupressure, also known as EFT or Tapping is a simple technique used to handle these stressors by sending a calming response which turns off the brain’s pathway of arousal.  You will learn the theory behind EFT, as well as the process. 


Typical Session:  45 minutes - 1 hour

Virtual includes your choice of phone call or video call.


Stress Management & Techniques 


Stress is highly subjective and is often difficult to define.  What is stressful for one person may not be stressful for another; it is all in how we interpret the meaning of a situation, event, or person, how our body responds to various demands, and the coping mechanisms we use.  Stress may affect our body, mood and behavior and weakens our immune system.  Learning how to manage stress is imperative.  Various techniques will be explored and used depending on the individual needs of the client.


Typical Session:  45 minutes – 1 hour

Virtual includes your choice of phone call or video call.



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