Chakra Balancing

What are chakras and why should I have them balanced? 

Think of a chakra as an energy wheel, disk or spinning wheels at each chakra point that is spinning within your body.  They are like vortexes and are often described as cone shaped and are considered to be the major energy centers in each of us that regulates the flow of the Universal Life Force energy.  The root spins in one direction and feeds the next chakra then spins in the opposite direction . . . one going counter clockwise and spinning into the other going clockwise and the next one spinning counter clockwise, etc.  This representation can be seen in the caduceus.  It is standard agreement that there are 7 chakras and some people include an eights chakra which is the aura surrounding your body.  Others include more than the eight listed chakras.  The chakras are in a straight line beginning at the base of your spine and moves up to the crown of your head.  The chakras are located on the spine where the greatest amount of nerve endings appear, as well as the glands in our endocrine system.  Chakras are not visible to the eye but have been “seen” by spiritual leaders for thousands of years. 


Each chakra is a different color and aligns with the colors of the rainbow.  Each chakra is influenced by specific issues we are facing in our lives and can become unbalanced by things; such as, stress, trauma and negative thinking which may lead to anxiety, depression and other unhealthy symptoms. 


Chakra balancing assists in the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the client.


The chakras include: root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.