Generating new ways in identifying gifts,

                         embracing desired changes,

                         validating self-worth

                         and living life with confidence.   


EnergyWorks specializes in partnering with women who are

motivated in discovering new and healthy ways of responding to others and who desire to be empowered and live with confidence and authenticity.


Women will discover new and healthy ways of living an empowered

life through the use of transformational coaching,

therapeutic hypnosis, energy work, aura - auricular acupuncture,

and other modalities.  

take control of



Believe . . . 

desired changes can be

made in your life

Feel . . . 

valued, worthy and


See . . . 

obstacles as opportunities

Listen . . . 

to and trust your intuition

and guidance from above

Discover . . . 

a higher purpose

Acknowledge . . . 

blessings that may have

previously been missed

Leave . . . 

positive imprints in loved

ones and others



Vicky Face and Neck.jpg

Hello, All!

I am so excited that you are checking out

my website and the services  offered

through EnergyWorks!


Is there a time when you feel overwhelmed and stressed with the demands of everyday life? My passion is working with women who have the desire and courage to change unhealthy thinking patterns into rational and healthy ways of addressing challenges, obstacles, and unwanted habits. 


I aspire to lead and encourage women to find and use their strengths so that they may ignite and reclaim their true magnificence!


Looking forward to connecting with you! 



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